Honest. Modern. Natural.

I set out to capture the emotion of your wedding day. Photojournalistic – or documentary – wedding photography is an unposed, unscripted style of wedding photography that aims to tell the unique story of your day through the small, authentic moments that make it special. Aside from the half hour or so of posed family and couple photos, I don’t tell anyone where to stand or what they should be doing with their arms. I’ll be spending time mingling with your family and friends while I keep my eye out for opportunities. I strive to achieve a balance between photos taken in the middle of the action and those that show the entire scene. My goal is to cultivate a comfortable experience for everyone so that you and your guests can feel free to be yourselves, unbothered by the fact that the overdue reunions, meaningful gestures, and memorable interactions are being thoughtfully captured in time.

About Me

A few of my favorite photos from my own wedding.

Many people feel like getting their picture taken is uncomfortable. Personally, I really dislike writing paragraphs about myself. So, being that this is my website, I won’t be doing that. Instead, here are a handful of facts about me and the things I enjoy doing to give you a sense of who I am: 

  • Born and raised in Wisconsin. Grew up in West Allis (it wasn’t up to me), went to school at the University of Wisconsin, and now living in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. 
  •  I enjoy anything that has to do with the visual arts.
  • My wife and I love traveling, especially unplanned weekend trips just because we found cheap flights. 
  • Anything food-related: cooking shows, cooking classes, eating, and sometimes actual cooking. 
  • I love learning new things – I often find myself 20 browser tabs deep in science & tech or language & culture rabbit holes.


No, and please believe me that you do not want to see all of them. Among the many photos taken, a measurable portion of them are objectively bad. Aside from the duplicates, there are tons of pictures of people blinking, unflattering lighting, children having a bad time (although I’m not opposed to including a particularly funny one), or those that just don’t add anything to the story of the day. The final product that I deliver is a curated gallery of photographs that allow you to relive the day as it happened.

Yes! In fact, my first wedding was a destination wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Yes! Every photo in the final gallery will, at the very least, have basic editing done including adjustments to white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, and color as I see fit to maintain a cohesive look. Edits that are more involved are done at my discretion.

Every wedding is different, but in general you can expect somewhere between 50 – 100 delivered photos per hour shot.

If you lose access to your photos, please reach out to me! Chances are I will still have all of your edited wedding photos. Note that I do charge a fee for digging up and resending photos beyond the date which I am contractually obligated to keep your photos.

Generally, I keep all of the edited photos from each wedding I shoot. This is primarily done for my own portfolio and self-promotion. There is a clause in my contract that details how long I am legally obligated to retain your wedding photos for, though.

Generally, I do not provide RAW files. If you yourself are a photographer, I’m willing to talk about it on a case by case basis. But, for most clients, that would be like me delivering a product that’s only halfway done.